Agents for CARE at Piconergy

Meet Imran Ali. He says Hi to you all!

Piconergy is happy to kick-start its Agents of CARE (Clean, Affordable & Reliable Energy) programme where we strive to create employment opportunities for deserving youth and women while we go ahead on our mission of facilitating energy access to the non/under-served.

Imran, an inspiration in many ways, was forced to leave school in third grade due to his family conditions and began working. He has a natural entrepreneurial mindset and a zeal to work hard with all dedication and commitment. Though he really struggles to read and write, we were surprised to see today how quickly he grasped the lessons on electronics that we gave him. Giving him training on basic English, Maths, Accounts, Sales, After-Sales, Technology, etc would be quite a task but we are so looking forward to it!

It was pleasing to see Imran’s motivation and how deeply he believes in the work we do. It is indeed a pleasure to have such motivated and energetic people on board. My next milestone, however, is to create such opportunities for women from financially challenging backgrounds and rural regions.


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