On conscientious survey and understanding of the energy problems and thier requirements  in the rural and urban India, we at Piconergy have come up with a product  following a rigorous and continiual research and development in an effort to negate the issues related to energy poverty in the most clean, affordable & reliable manner provisioned to light each and every household in the society.

Introducing you to our first product at Piconergy



HELIOS is Piconergy’s answer to address the basic lighting and mobile phone charging needs of the underserved in rural and urban regions

Product Features

  • Strong and sturdy Power Box which can be easily carried around and/or wall mounted, housing our battery management system & a 6V 4.5 Ah Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology based sealed maintenance free battery.
  •  5 Watts-peak Solar PV Module with 4m cable & connector.
  • Three LED Light Bulbs producing up to 200 lumens each with 3m cable & switch to cover maximum area for illumination.
  • USB port for charging mobile phones.
  •  Optional SMPS Adapter to charge battery from grid supply.

Piconergy is committed to make clean energy affordable and reliable products for the under-served. It compliments HELIOS with a range of services in providing consumer financing, warranties and reliable after sales-service to its customers.

The lack of proportion in the world has created a deep hole for the under privileged as they lack the basic necessities to progress and catch up with the rest of the world.

In this pursuit, we as a team are working relentlessly to eliminate the concept of energy poverty and bring a curve of smile on each ones face.





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