Introducing you all to Piconergy (Social Entrepreneural startup)

We at Piconergy exists to address the pressing issue of energy poverty in rural and urban India. Energy Poverty can be explained as lack of access to modern energy services, namely electricity and clean cooking facilities.

Piconergy facilitates to provide lights to the un-served parts of our society with access to light with our first product by Piconergy called as “Helios” which has Three LED Light Bulbs and a USB port for charging mobile phones.

Our team at piconergy welcomes you all to have the insights of  things we do at piconergy, things that keeps us engaged and of all the reasons that persuades us to do what we have been doing all this time.

Piconergy was founded in 2014 by Mr.Bhushan Trivedi,  with a strong vision to extirpate the pressing issue of energy poverty in rural and urban India. Energy poverty can be explained as lack of access to mordern energy services, namely electricity and clean cooking facilities.

Our motto at Piconergy is to provide Clean, Affordable & Reliable Energy (CARE) for all This describes pretty well why Piconergy exists, what we do, what we want to do going ahead, and what kind of results are we achieving so far

Here on this blog, we will keep you posted with the stories of our work and positive impacts that we have created.

Follow  us to know more about piconergy and help us illuminate each ones life.                     We welcome your valuable feedback and ideas to support the work we do and make a difference in the lifes of the un-served segment of our society.

Also visit our website at  www.piconergy.com


Stay Tuned..


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  1. acflory says:

    I live in Australia and already have solar panels on my roof but I’m also interested in the Helios as a form of backup solar power for emergencies. How much does the Helios cost in $AUD and do you sell internationally?

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    1. piconergy says:

      Hi ! Thank you for your message. A standard Helios set is priced at 49 AUD which is a solar plug and play system for lighting and mobile phone charging. Unfortunately, at this moment we do not sell internationally but we are planning to do it soon. Helios is designed to primarily adress the serious issue of energy poverty in India where households and micro-enterprises still depend on kerosene lamps and candles for lighting. We appreciate your interest and welcome you to learn more about our work/product at http://www.piconergy.com


      1. acflory says:

        I know. 🙂 I researched your company and your product and I was so impressed I wrote a blog post about it. The post will be published tomorrow at 11am Australian Eastern Seaboard time [daylight savings]. I’m hoping that my blogging friends will as impressed with what your doing as I am. I’m also hoping they will give Helios a boost in social media.
        Beyond my own personal desire to own a Helios, Australia has many indigenuous communities could benefit from Helios.


      2. piconergy says:

        That is very kind of you.We are excited to read your blog and can’t wait for it to be posted. People like you, keep us motivated in working for what we do. We will be working to scale up with the help of our supporters and well-wishers.
        Again, Thank you for showing your interest, means a lot 🙂


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